10 OTA You Have Never Heard Of

hisThere are a lot of OTA channels with long standing reputations like the major networks highlighted in our story top 10 OTA Networks to check out. But the OTA market has been expanding quickly over the past few years to offer a number of new genre type channels that provide lots of movies and  TV shows to pass the time. So Check out 10 OTA You Have Never Heard Of.

Laff is a comedy network that features sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. Highlights include Rosanne, Night Court and the Drew Carey Show. The network also has a number of comedy clip shows along the lines of Americas funiest videos deaturing people, pets etc. It’s not just TV shows though, Laff TV Features a number of movies movies.
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Bounce TV is a network that highlights Americans Actors and as well as running shows targeted towards the community. The channel offers a number of TV shows and movies on a weekly basis with examples like Eddie Murphy (Boomerang, Life) , Denzel Washington (He Got Game, The Manchurian Candidate) , Wesley Snipes (The Fan) and a lot more. This is not just a collection of black and white movies it is a solid collection of relevant TV shows and films that anybody would enjoy.

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CometTV is a Sci-Fi based channel that features a variety of shows from classic series like ‘The Outer Limits” to more contemporary fare like “Babylon 5”. One of my personal favorite, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is also featured on the network. The movie selection is more eclectic. It has an old Sunday matinee kind of feel. The network though delivers exactly what it is selling and is worth checking out.

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Antenna TV
Antenna TV is one of those retro networks with major shows from across the spectrum. The channel features series from decades between the 1960-1990s. The channel has a very Nick at Night feel and offers a number of shows that will appeal to baby boomers and older Gen Xers. One of the clever things Antenna TV has done is begin to air episodes of Johny Carson’s The Tonight Show. It airs at 11:00 pm in the same slot as contemporary late night talk shows. Kind of a neat option especially if you want to revisit the past.  Shows include Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Good Times, The Monkees, Mr Belvidere, Doogie Howser MD and more.

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Escape TV is a network aimed at women. The channel features a heavy dose of crime procedural and investigation shows like Unsolved Mysteries, Missing and Forensic Files. I don’t know what it is about those types of shows but I know my wife loves them, so they must be doing something right. The channel also features a great deal of movies, some based on genre author Marry Higgins Clarke, and others. They often feature women in lead roles ranging from suspense thrillers to comedies. If Lifetime did not have the phrase Television for Women, this channel would certainly deserve the moniker.

Can I get Escape TV?

Grit TV is the guy centered answer to Escape TV. The network features action adventure movies every night. Its daytime fare is dated and concentrates primarily on older westerns with a dose of Walke Texas Ranger mixed in. The TV shows lineup could certainly stand to grow. As for movies though the 11pm hour features lots of fun films starting a block of features each night.

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This TV
This TV does not seem to have established a specific brand of programming but features a number of films and TV series. The TV shows are a collection of older fair like Cagney and Lacyand Westerns. Sort of a grab bag feel. Its movie selections are solid with films like The Terminator, Punchline and Empire of The Sun dotting the schedule. It is not easy to find out if you can get the channel but its website has a tool in the upper right hand corner listed under the heading change. There users can enter zip info and find out it there is an affiliate in their area.

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Ion is a major entry on the OTA scene. The channel has been in business for years and features a number of procedural dramas like Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order, along with lighter fair like Psych. Basically the series are the type you often find via syndication through channels like TNT except its over the air. During the weekends the channel features a number of movies from a variety of studious. The fare is contemporary. The network bets heavily on holiday fare and features dozens of Christmas films throughout the month of December.

Can I get  ION TV? Click here and select Find ION TV in the right hand corner of the screen  http://www.iontelevision.com/

Quobo is a childrens programming network. Its focus appears to be aimed at younger children with an age range of 4-8. The programming features a constant river of content to keep kids entertained and can be a nice change of pace from PBS Kids or even Nick Jr, if you have cable. Always nice to change things up especially if the shows are on when you are in the same room.

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Movies! is a network that delivers exactactly what you would expect, Movies.The film selection kind of starts with the silver screen classics and ends with offbeat fare from the 90’s and early 2000’s. In some instances it feels like an OTA version of Turner Classic movies because it features actors like Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor. Movies like The African Queen or The Quiet Man. But it can take a totally different turn from day to day with films like Eddie Murphy in “A Vampire in Brooklyn.” If you can get the channel its worth a watch. It obviously won’t cost you any extra money.


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