Top 10 reasons to get an Antenna Right Now

1. All the content you get is free-This almost goes without saying but when you have an antenna it means that anything that comes on the TV is free.

2. It will provide the best picture possible (Antennas provide an unfiltered HD signal which is not the case when you get the signal from cable. This may change over time as signals get better. In fact it’s probably already the case when it comes to 4k TV. But there are not any regular 4k broadcast signals.

3. No other equipment is needed With HDTV’s
While HD cable requires a set-top box and older TV’s require a digital converter box when you have an HDTV an antenna can be hooked up to the back of your TV via a coaxial cable and be one scan away from free TV.

4. You can still DVR your programs
One of the big pushes for cable providers is that they provide DVR services, at an extra cost of course. They imply that without their service you will not be able to record programming. This is not true as many DVR’s for OTA signals have been developed over the past few years.

5. The Top Shows on TV are broadcast shows
For every Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones there are 5 shows that play on Network TV with huge audiences. The Big Bang Theory, Saturday Night Live, Sunday Night Football, Modern Family, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother and so much more. If you pay for cable but spend most of your TV time watching network shows, what are you waiting for?

6. Local News
For a lot of people their local news is the most important source of relevant information. While national news give people all of the hot button news of the day and is great when something major happens, it’s the local news that tells you when a major storm is headed your way, what roads are closed during a hurricane or gas leak or when your favorite restaurant gets a bad health rating. All of that is free over the air.

7. Local Sports
Sure you are a big sports fan, but how much of the sports action you crave involves teams 1,000 miles from home. Sure some do especially if you have moved across the country, but most relevant sports action especially NFL and College Football happens on Local TV or regional broadcasts via national networks. You would be surprised how much college ball is on without a cable sub and 4 NFL games per weekend come on free TV.

8. Growing channel options There was a time when the Big 3 were really the only 3 CBS, NBC and ABC where your choices with a few small actual local channels thrown in. Now there are more than 40 channels from across the spectrum offering news, sci-fi movies, comedy movies, retro TV shows, kids programming and more. The number of OTA based networks is growing every year and is taking form mush in the same way cable did in the 1980’s. You won’t lack for things to watch.

9. One time investment VS recurring cost
Buy an antenna and set it up and you are finished. Depending on the kind of antenna you purchase it may well have to be professionally installed and mounted. Not all of us are made to climb on roofs, and boy its not fun to fall off ladders. But once it’s ready to go there is no more monthly bill unless you sign up for a pay DVR service.

10. The costs for using an antenna as part of a cord cutting solution are incredible. If you cut TV service and replace it with a combination of and Antenna and a streaming service you can save well over 1000 a year. Some cable bills are just outrageous.

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